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About    SHL

    In 2013, SHL Pte Ltd was incorporated. Our services cover a wide range of customers, from large global forwarders to small, independent businesses. Apart from providing a competitive price without compromising service quality, we also understand that meeting customer needs and taking appropriate measures will result in the highest level of customer satisfaction.

    Our haulage service ensures that your cargo is well prepared for import or export at the right time to the right place 

in the fastest way, at the lowest cost to you.

    Because the Digital Transformation of Logistics is inevitable, SHL has invested heavily in IT software to innovate, integrate and enhance. Our digital logistics system enables both international and domestic customers to keep track of the status of cargo mobility.


    We deploy a modern service delivery team that can be integrated with our warehousing solutions to offer an efficient delivery service and an efficient third party logistics solution. In the meanwhile, we encourage our clients to focus on their core business, where revenue and growth are generated, by ensuring that all logistic processes are well planned and executed.

    SHL will always be relevant, passionate, and service driven, we would be happy to present our ideas, approaches, concepts, and services in a personal meeting.

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